Whether you have a short video with one day of shooting and a few days of editing, or a full-length documentary, scripted program or series with a production cycle lasting many months, Scott Morris Productions, Inc. offers a complete range of services to develop, budget, produce, write, shoot, edit and finish your project. Depending upon your needs, you may choose one service, a group of services, or a complete package from concept to completion. Here's an overview:

Project Development and Management
Client meetings, consultation, research, proposal writing and budgeting, supervision of all aspects of production and post-production

Scripts, Treatments and Storyboards
Preparation of outlines and treatments for documentaries and corporate videos, dramatic script writing, creation of illustrated storyboards

Pre-production and Casting
Planning every phase of a project, assembling the creative team, determining locations and studios, casting real people, actors, hosts and narration talent

Creative direction and execution of all shooting, from a 2-person video crew on location, to a full studio shoot involving sets, actors and complex cinematography, to multi-camera coverage of live events

Editing with state-of-the-art non-linear editing systems, providing rough cuts electronically or on DVD for client review, finishing large projects and big-screen presentations at high-end studios and facilities

Graphics, Music and Stock footage
Working with graphic artists to create sophisticated animation and titles, scoring your project with original or stock music, researching and purchasing archival video, still images or unique shots from stock footage resources

Mastering and delivery of projects in every format: HD, Digi-Beta, DVCam, miniDV, 16 and 35mm film. Conversion to any format for the internet including Flash, QuickTime and Windows Media Player. The company also authors, packages and oversees the replication of retail-quality DVDs

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